For kids

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Little Farmer’s Sweater
Composition: Alpaca (40%), Wool (48%) Polyamide (12%) This wool country-styled sweated will be your baby’s favourite one! Warm, soft and doesn’t rest
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Sweet Mustard Sweater
Composition: Merino Wool (50%), Alpaca Wool (45%), Wool (5%) Hand-knitted children's sweater from soft merino and alpaca wool.
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Сhamomile Set
Composition: Cotton (50%), Alpaca Wool (45%), Wool (5%) Beautiful, soft cardigan and bonnet. The yarn used is spun of 100% merino wool from free-rang
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At the Sea Kit
Composition: Wool (50%), Alpaca Wool (50%) Hand knitted kit for babies in wool and alpaca. It will keep your baby warm even on the coldest days.
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Sweet Mint Kit
Composition: Alpaca Wool (60%), Wool (40%) Hand knitted kit for babies in wool and alpaca in nice mint color.
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Sunset in the Field Kit
Composition: Alpaca Wool (100%) This is a hand-knitted set of two hats and mini-socks from 100% Alpaca Wool.
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Calm Sea Hat
Composition: Cotton (50%), Alpaca Wool (50%) This simple rib hat is a great basic for every kid! Еhe hat is made of warm wool of a calm and pleasant
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Little Elephant
Composition: Cotton (100%) A little elephant is a very cute and soft toy that will delight your baby and become his/her best friend. Made from hypoal
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Honey Socks
Composition: 70% Alpaca Wool, 30% Merino Wool These honey Alpaca wool socks will keep your baby warm on the coldest days.